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NADIR ALI b” | LIPOTOXICITY:main cause of insulin resistance
presents episode 1087 | Dr Nadir Ali
Low Carb Denver podcast

Low carb eaters tend to think that excess carbs are main cause
of insulin resistance…
Dr Gerald Shulman has shown that LIPOTOXICITY is the cause
fat converted to toxic lipids:
PREVENTS intracellular
insulin signaling
-GLUT4 channels can’t be
used to absorb glucose

Toxic fat damages mitochondria, so
-don’t burn freely
-make many free radicals
-cell is energy starved & inflamed…leading to apoptosis

When fasting, liver does main job: supply fuel to brain…
-amino acids from muscle breakdown &
-glycerol from fat breakdown, gluconeogenesis gives
hepatic glucose output to feed brain
Mitochondria turn fatty
acids into ketones for
brain fuel

Normal liver when eating a meal, liver uses glucose it needs
and stores the rest as glycogen
-hepatic glucose output is shut down
If INSULIN RESISTANT insulin cannot recruit GLUT4 channels
-amino acids from fat
break down &
-glycerol from lipolysis
Both taken up by liver
-liver puts out glucose
when it should not
-liver becomes FATTY
-spews out VLDL


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