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NADIR ALI A | LDL neutralizes bacteria & viruses; cuts inflammation; boosts ovaries & testes
presents episode 890 | Dr Nadir Ali
Dr Morgan Nolte interview

LDL is a host defense mechanism…
-neutralize bacteria & viruses
-dampens inflammation with its
-supplies cholesterol to ovaries &
testes for
-estrogens & testosterone
-helps maintain muscle strength
-supplies CoQ10 to muscles
-comes from cholesterol, delivered
by cholesterol
-muscles need CoQ10 to burn fuel

Why does LDL go up on low carb?
-low carb eating means higher
animal food & animal protein
Example: vegan
-no cholesterol in plant food
-so liver forced to make cholesterol
-about 3000mg a day
-energy expensive task for liver

Animal-based eating: eat cholesterol
carnivore eating
-red meat, eggs
-liver stops making cholesterol
-no need to pick up cholesterol
from blood stream
-thus, LDL levels go up
Experiment: liver cells in solution
-no cholesterol: cells began making it
-high cholesterol: cells STOPPED

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