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NADIR ALI 5’ | STATIN benefit for Female CAC=0; none Male 99.9%; none
presents episode 1125 | Dr Nadir Ali
Low Carb Denver podcastPrimary prevention:

Primary prevention of heart disease…
Collecting all of the data yields: Primary Prevention
-does not help women in mortality reduction whatsoever
Define: primary prevention is someone with no cardiac event
-if have CAC above 0, but no event,
still primary prevention patient
If CAC score is 0, studies show
-up to a decade with statins: no benefit
“In right clinical setting, don’t need statin”

If you fall outside this category…say: middle-aged man taking
statins for primary prevention. Take 100 of these, the benefit
of statins in mortality reduction? 0.1%
[99.9% for that year: no benefit] Physicians are told: relative risk reduction
is how to measure statin benefit
Dr Malcolm Kendrick would say:
It is like saying, if winning lotto is 1/15m
“I will increase your odds by 100%”
[increases odds from 1 to 2 in 15mil] In actual trials: presented as 30% better
-when actually: just 0.1% in this group

Dear doctor: Question: On this relative risk basis, you are
going to give this drug to patient to take for 30 years!!?
-comfortable making that decision alone?
-want to empower patient to decide?
-want to discuss side effects?
“This is where our medical profession
for themselves”
-rely too much on opinion-leaders


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