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NADIR ALI 2’ | Cardiologist: protected in giving patients statin choice
presents episode 1122 | Dr Nadir Ali
Low Carb Denver podcast

Dr Ali, cardiologist: “In last 10 years, since I changed standard
practice and began following low carb: no patient has had a
cardiac event due to:
following a fasting diet; low refined carb diet; exercise…
And have not seen an increase in
cardiac events in those who stopped
taking statins”
-if this were early 2000 it would be
very different
-because of Dr Tim Noakes and others
I am protected in this approach

“Over past 10 years, I have been referred often due to
my Youtube channel or LowCarbDenver talk [viewed 1mil+] -new patients are already motivated to try this approach
-they may be doing better due to their self-selection
than others who prefer the standard
establishment approach to meds”
Pushback from your hospital?
-in beginning I was reported to med staff
‘patient came to hospital with cardiac
event while not taking statin’
My reply: you have had 10 patients with
cardiac events while on statins…

Cardiac disease has so many variables of causation…
-lipid profiles; sleep; stress; IR; inflammation
If I have cardiac event tomorrow…don’t assume, because
I follow low carb; have high LDL; low TG; high HDL,
that the event is due to high LDL
-I have high stress on the job
-loss of sleep due to work…
“Be cautious when considering heart
disease is caused by one variable”


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