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MY TRAINER | Bench press when lifting heavy weights…need broad, solid, tight foundation
presents episode 554 | My Trainer
Nels Solo’s podcast

HI, this is Nels Solo…founder of DoctorsToTrust Youtube and website.
This is my resistance training trainer–my son.
He got me into the gym and into nutrition several years ago.

When you load, when getting into heavy weights
-brace yourself, lock your back
-brunt of the weight will be between your shoulders

If you over arch your back, the weight will come down on neck…
-don’t over arch: find mid spot between neck and shoulder blades

Set up: before you lie down, ‘lock-in’ back so when lie down:
-shirt comes up a little; arch enough to feel flat part of back
-firmly planted as a foundation

Moment you start to unrack: make sure everything is locked in
-driving hips upward, flexing glutes

As unrack, even though back and shoulders are pulled down
-as you grab the bar you feel lats engage with bench
-use that to your advantage

Take a deep breath in, unrack, use lats as a wide foundation
-as you lower bar, feel lats act as side support

Some like to go close grip, but can
-switch it up sometimes and go wider
-if closer, put thumb fully centered: mid, power grip

Prepare for dismount: slight arch in back,
-butt firmly planted
-feet driven into ground…not pushing up; back toward head

When taking bar: lift it, then ‘try to bend it’ to engage lats
-pull it down, still ‘bending it’, to above nipple line
-when you explode up, not straight up, but to directly above head


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