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MY STORY Pablo Kelly weight steady, breathing & taking medication to help when seizure comes-Part 3
presents episode 266: Pablo Kelly
Dr Shawn Baker

GBM glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor…
(devastating brain cancer–can result in death in 6 months)
-despite eating organic foods for years
-keto seemed to help, but
-including carbs back into diet, it recurred
-put back on 2 stone (28 pounds; 13 kg)

I am now 11 stone 2.5 (156.5 pounds)…
-have not changed weight in 3 years
-going with meat-based, zero carb diet seemed to help

What did your medical team say about your recovery?
-just lucky
-no curiosity about why or how
“I put all the work in!”

Dr Baker: If it were a drug, we would investigate
-hopefully there are physicians listening
to this…

You still have grand mal & focal seizures…
-what sets them off?
-insulin or stress response
-they are sporadic
-over 7 years I have gained a sensitivity to what is happening…
-like a spike of fear up spine to my brain
-I go into relaxation
-breathe through nose

I am on a new drug called Zebinex
(daily anti-seizure medication for adults)
-that is helping
-I am using at-home EEG monitoring
(electroencephalographic diagnostic to check brain waves)

I got sick of not being able to do anything…
-I needed more stamina

“Today, I can do it”