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MY STORY Pablo Kelly, UK, inoperable brain tumor…no chemo & radiotherapies, decided on keto-Part 1
presents episode 264: Pablo Kelly
Dr Shawn Baker

Jason Kelly, UK…
-prior to meeting my partner
(with whom we are having our second child in 2 weeks!)
-I was addicted to smoking cannabis
-eating fast food
-I got depressed & decided to
~sort my life out

-started to love myself
-respect my body
-met my partner
-we thought eating organic food was the way to go
-I started to get headaches
-had sensation of spinning around

-had migraines
-went to doctor:
“You have migraine auras”

Migraine aura
Chemical or visual wave that moves across
the visual cortex of your brain.
Can cause visual hallucinations.

-Mayo Clinic

-while I was walking, had to run due to traffic
-had a click in my neck, had a stroke…
~left check drooped
~left arm went limp
~jaw sagged
“I’m having a stroke at 23?”

-requested a CT scan
-they only saw a hazy pattern
“You are fine. Just migraine auras”
-2 weeks later: “Come in for an MRI”
-biopsy, Sep 2014:
diagnosed with incurable brain tumor

-doctors said, you need:
-no other treatment options

-one day, went in for a meeting with oncologist
-turns out: there to have radiotherapy mask fitted
-lay down on table, lazered up, prepped for treatment
-had a gut feeling something was not right…

“I need to call my oncologist”
-asked her: “Is this going to give me a long life?”
-asked her about a ketogenic diet
-she said, not that effective…no research on it

“with chemo & radio therapies:
-life expectancy is 12-15 months, maximum”
-asked her: what about without these therapies?
-she: “you are healthy, so 6-9 months”
-with chemo:
~might become impotent
~might lose hair

-my background was
~homeopathy, vegetarian food, spirituality
“I will take my chances with a ketogenic diet”
-no consultation with family…
-just going with instinct
-I gotta live

-spoke with Patricia Daly, about ketogenic diet
-she had had a mass behind her eye ball
-she suggested a restricted calorie, keto diet
-my diet:
~2000 calories a day
~20g carbs a day

Patricia Daly, registered nutritional therapist
-European Keto Live Centre

-co-author of book: The Ketogenic Kitchen

-did this for 3 years
-Dr Thomas Seyfried said:
~you want to hit 1 to 1 ratio: ketones to glucose
-got into ketosis in first week

Dr Thomas Seyfried
-Professor, Boston College
-research focus:
mechanisms by which metabolic therapies
manage chronic diseases like:
~epilepsy, neurodegenerative lipid storage diseases, cancer

-within 4 months:
~got stable scan results
(this was inoperable brain tumor, no therpeutic treatments)
-did this for 3 years, then tumor changed
-doctors: “We can now operate”

-so, keto diet & supplements has given me:
~longer life &
~has made an inoperable tumor…operable!
-like a miracle