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MUTZEL part 2: UPPER AIRWAY has MANY RECEPTORS…so pathogen likely to remain there!
presents episode 295: Mike Mutzel

“ACE2 expression follows a gradient along…
the respiratory tract, with greater expression in the upper
airway and decreasing further down”
-these mutations have rendered covid to a cold
-like the 5 covids that circulate now:
~40% of common colds are from these

“The location in which the virus replicates along…
the respiratory tract guides how the virus will be able to
transmit and also its pathogenicity.

“Traditionally, viruses that bind to the upper airway…
exhibit lower pathogenicity compared with the other
viruses that bind to the lower airways”

If the virus prefers binding to the upper airway…
-it is more transmissible &
-is not as virulent
-optimal scenario for a virus to remain endemic

“Testing for these virulent hCoVs typically finds…
positive results in the upper airway compared to
the lower airway.”

In contrast, both SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, which
ocurred in the early 2000s, rarely were samples found
in the upper airway
-those viruses were not as transmissible
-but, they were highly lethal
-case fatality ratio: 20-30%

“One hypothesis argues that the strength receptor affinity…
may correlate with the receptor abundance,
in an inverse relationship”

If a virus can bind to a receptor in the upper airway…
-that is where it will go

University of Texas Medical Branch

It seems that these mutations are actually good
-renders this pathogen (virulent for those with comorbidities)
-if it renders this to a common cold…
-that is good news!

Many people have been wrong regarding what to do …
-closing down the economy
-closing the schools
~caused lots of iatrogenesis (adverse effects of medial advice)
~Sweden’s lack of closures:
~didn’t show negative effects vs what the US did

“Based on this data, I hope I am right”


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