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MUST TAKE FAST-TWITCH MUSCLE FIBERS TO FAILURE…for metabolic health about: Doug McGuff, MD
presents episode 292: Paul Mabry:
with Dr Shawn Baker,

If your trainer or physician recommends that you
-cut calories
-count calories
-eat less & move more
that is outdated, disproven science…
give them this video link

Dr Doug McGuff, emergency physician…
-has run a gym for 35 years
-book: Body By Science
-secret to use exercise to:
~lose weight
~fight insulin resistance
-exercise muscles…
~to exhaustion for 60-90 seconds

Dr Doug McGuff, book: Body By Science…
-4 types of muscle
-strongest, fast-twitch fibers:
~only used when others have been exhausted
-only strongest use glycogen
-to get rid of glycogen,
~so muscles become insulin sensitive
-must trip these fast-twitch fibers
-only by taking muscle to exhaustion

Dr Shawn Baker: Dr Stuart Phillips…
-biggest stimulus for muscle retention is training
-pushing muscle to failure or near-failure
-some exercises cannot go to failure, example:
~barbell squat!
-there are machines that allow this
-the value of exercise is:
~can I get stronger &
~improve cardiovascular conditioning
~metabolic health


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