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MindyPelz: Melatonin production should guide our eating window: winter less; summer more
presents episode 245:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

First step for any human: stop eating all day long…
-compress your eating window
-research shows: 10 hour eating window can:
~overturn metabolic syndrome damage to health

10 hour eating window…
-2 hours before bed:
~body making most melatonin
-2 hours during waking up:
~body still making melatonin

“as melatonin goes up…
body becomes more
insulin resistant”. *

If eat dinner during sunset…
-red light stimulates body to make melatonin
-ideally done eating by then

Same in the morning…
-don’t grab coffee or breakfast
-when body sees sunlight:
~shuts down melatonin production
~cortisol production peaks

Compressed window eating bookends:
-2 hours before bed
-2 hours after waking
~let’s not eat then

Consider: we are primal…
-in winter, we are meant to go into ketosis
~eat less food

-in summer, nature provides more food
-more daylight for hunting

Consider: we are primal…
-as it gets darker (toward & during winter):
~lunch should be our big meal

-as we move towards darkness (evening):
~consider not eating

* Dr Pelz is referring to endogenous melatonin that rises as our body senses darkness. For more on melatonin as a supplement, to enhance insulin resistance, see: Dr Paul Mason: