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Mindy Pelz: NEJM study: Time-restricted eating BEST first intervention for all chronic diseases
presents episode 246:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

Meta-study New England Journal of Medicine, Dec 2019…
-1500 peer-reviewed studies
-intermittent fasting (compressed eating window):
~best way
~should be first intervention, for:
-obesity & diabetes
-Alzheimer’s & dementia
-hormonal & colon cancers
-Muscular Sclerosis
-pre & post surgery

“not difficult to do; just train body how”

You will want lean into really nutrient-dense food
-it is NOT calorie-restriction!

-it IS time-restricted eating
-need to eat good quality food

“that is why I love pairing:
-carnivore with
-time-restricted eating”

A lot of people, doing this approach:
“I’m not hungry”
-big challenge
-ketogenic eating system: ketones turn off hunger

-need to learn to eat right foods,
whether hungry or not

“this is why meat is a great thing
to pair with your
time-restricted eating”

-we live in mineral-depleted time
-food not being grown in mineral-rich soil
-chemicals in our environment that block receptors
-you might have to add mineral supplement

“train yourself to eat in the window;
the more nutrient-dense foods,
the easier it will be”