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Mindy Pelz: Lean muscle mass: build it fast with mTOR & autophagy hacks
presents episode 244:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

To be effective, fasting (eating in compressed window),
-must be paired with healthy eating
-at 17+ hours fasting, autophagy begins, so does
~mTOR(cellular mechanism in opposition to autophagy)
~mTOR builds cells up; builds muscle
~autophagy breaks down & heals

Autophagy, breaking down muscle, is temporary
-to build lean, strong muscle:
~fast 17+ hours regularly
~break fast with protein:

“we’ve stimulated autophagy;
cleaned self up;
now build back strong;
stimulate mTOR to build
muscle UP”

Building lean muscle mass, regularly:
-fast 17+
-strength workout, while fasting
-break muscle down
-eat meat!

“greatest way to build muscle”

People say, don’t fast–it breaks down muscle!
-but, only temporarily…
-then, eating protein (animal-based is best)
-stimulates muscle development best

“body will find glucose wherever…
-muscle, fat, liver:
-but, what do we do at end of fast?”

During sleep, we are stimulating autophagy…
-brain goes into repair mode:
~get good sleep!

-then get into 17+ hour fasting;
~longer fasting: more cleaning

Stimulating autophagy…
-HIIT (high intensity interval training)
-red light therapy (Joov lights, or other types)
-herbs (like bergamot oil)

“stack autophagy habits
the quicker the healing”