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Mindy Pelz: Incredible sex hormone production when using fasting to manage progesterone & autophagy
presents episode 243:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

Perimenopausal women:
-often have 60, 90 day periods, with little idea of when
they will come and go
-need to know your progesterone levels & how to click in
-when body is wanting more:
-starts spotting…is a sign, so
~step out of fasting & lean into:
-squashes, potatoes, beef

Perimenopausal women:
-if suddenly anxiety goes through roof & can’t sleep…
~stop fasting

Post-menopausal women:
-1 to 2 days a week, no fasting
-still needs to make progesterone

Question: What if 18 day cycle?
-track your cycle: can use Clue app to:
-see where ovulation window is
-track for couple months, Clue will show you:
~the ovulation period
-Advice: no fasting from day 11 on
-once start cycle,:
~try to fast 24 or even 36 hours

“get more insulin sensitive”

-if shorter cycle due to environmental reason…
-fasting will bring you closer to 28 day cycle

We have cells in 2 parts of body that react
-incredibly well to autophagy

“autophagy is cleaning up the cells,
making them more efficient”

Theca cells
Endocrine cells associated with ovarian follicles.
-play essential role in fertility by producing
-androgen substrate required for
-ovarian estrogen biosynthesis

If woman has had hysterectomy…
-uterus has been removed, but not ovaries:
-recommended: on weekly basis:
-4 to 5 days a week: fast 17 hours
~getting more autophagy
-2 days a week: no fasting, but
~eat progesterone-building foods

“Might find your hormone
production improves greatly”

“I’ve seen people, 3 years after hysterectomy,
still making sex hormones”.
Tissues still there,
adrenals will make hormones…
-fasting can be incredible to
support this”

Compressed eating window for women can be very
beneficial if done properly