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Mindy Pelz: Compressing our eating window daily has mammoth health benefits, easy to do!
presents episode 241:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

Today, in the West, we are not eating food…
-eating inflammatory chemicals
-in store, stay away from central aisles
~there are all addictive foods

Worst 3 ingredients to get off:
-inflammatory oils (refined seed, vegetable oils)
-refined carbs:
~processed grains, breads, cakes
~even gluten-free
-toxic ingredients
(dyes, HFCS, sugars, chemicals)

Research shows daily:
-compressing eating into 10 hours
-fasting into 14 hours
~will begin reversing damage from modern, western diet

Process: compressing eating window into smaller space
-allowing body time to fast
-NOT calorie deficit
-IS eating smart foods

Fast for 13-15 hours, flip metabolic switch
-go from sugar-burner to fat-burner
-now burning energy from body fat
-growth hormone goes up
-slows aging process
-inflammation comes down
-ketones created to heal brain

Fast for 17 hours
-stimulate autophagy
-cells heal & repair themselves

If on western diet a long time, need healing…
-longer fast: 24 hours
-reboot intestinal stem cells
-repair inner lining of gut

If on western diet a long time, need healing…
-study: at 36 hours: burn more body fat
-48 hours: dopamine receptors open up
~open up new dopamine pathways
-Dr Voltar Longo’s 3 day water fast
~reboot old white blood cells
~create new immune system

If you are healthy…
“I fast all the time, excepting right before my cycle”
-for better mental health
-better mitochondria health: cells clean & energized
-cancer prevention

“I vary fasting; not same every day.
I don’t fast every day”