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Mindy Pelz: Compressed eating window for women can be very beneficial if done properly
presents episode 242:
Dr Mindy Pelz
podcast with
Dr Shawn Baker

Some detriments:
-same fast style over & over
-women, right before cycle
~trying to make progesterone, which is
susceptible to spikes in cortisol
-fasting creates increase in cortisol,
~causing progesterone levels
to come down can:
~lead to missing cycles

Need to fast differently:
-people with extreme adrenal fatigue
-diabetics: it is amazing for them, but go slow

Women with normal cycle…
-day 1 to 10, trying to make estrogen
-very efficient at making the protective estrogens, if
~insulin sensitive, so
-longer fast
-carnivore diet
-get into ketosis
-during ovulation, day 11-15
-all hormones are at max: estrogren & testosterone
~progesterone, comes in a little then
-recommend 15 hour fasting

-during ovulation, day 11-15
-healthy gut breaks down estrogen
~carnivore diet is ideal
-up regulate T regulatory cells

T regulatory cells
Sub population of T cells:
-modulate immune system
-maintain tolerance to self-antigens
-prevent autoimmune disease

Women with normal cycle…
-after ovulation, day 16 to 20, can
-go back into fasting

Day 21, body making progesterone…
-stop fasting
-eat non-keto diet:
~grassfed beef

Men, in fasting…
-drop weight
-when paired with carnivore diet:
~boom: health to higher level

Women, have to mind the cycle…
-moving in & out of fasting
(and avoiding fasting the week before period)

“then losing weight can feel as
effortless as for men”

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