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MIKE MUTZEL | SAUNA: 2-4 times/week 30 minutes reduces BLOOD PRESSURE 5 points
presents episode 646 | Mike Mutzel
HighintensityHealth podcast

Mike Mutzel: New meta-analysis of 16 studies…
-sauna bathing, 2 to 4 times per week; 30 minutes
dramatically improves cardiovascular health
-reduces high blood pressure
-improves ejection fraction
[measure of heart pumping health] -does not worsen cardiovascular disease, although
it does increase epinephrine and heart rate temporarily

New NHANES analysis shows:
-92% of Americans have suboptimal
cardio-metabolic health
-at increased risk of developing and prematurely
succumbing to heart disease
“Poor cardiovascular health worsens dementia”
-cardiovascular health is good for brain and for muscle
Recent study: resistance training with cardio
-build more muscle because the health
of the cardiovascular
system is nourishing the muscle

Medications for heart disease have side effects…
-beta blockers; thiazide diuretics both:
lower blood pressure, but
~increase insulin resistance
[underlying cause of cardiovascular disease] Sauna bathing is a natural way of improving
cardiovascular system
“Use the sauna after exercise”
-if no sauna access: hot tub gives similar hormetic effects
-hot yoga is similar


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