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MIKE MUTZEL | CREATINE IS SAFE! It restores ATP in anaerobic workout
presents episode 698 | Mike Mutzel
High Intensity Health podcast

Creatine helps with cellular
energy production…
-a phosphate source when
muscles are stressed
2 sources from diet:
-liver from amino acids
-animal products
Creatine transporter:
-in cell, creatine phosphorylated
into phosphocreatine

For when muscles are under load:
-super sets or intervals
-high intensity, short duration
weightlifting or HIIT
Anaerobic exercise
“Normal walking won’t need
creatine system”

When moving muscles, what
catalyzes myocyte to move?
-energy carried within ATP
[adenosine triphosphate] released when the phosphate
molecule comes off
“When ATP in short supply
due to high intensity work
phosphocreatine helps make
more ATP under anaerobic

“Creatine does not damage the
Creatine can:
-improve exercise performance
-improve water retention
The receptor CRT relies on


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