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MIKE MUTZEL 4 | EXERCISE? Sauna? LOW-T? take 50-100mg ZINC daily
presents episode 766 | Mike Mutzel
Highintensityhealth podcast

Zinc involved in over 200 enzymatic
reactions in body…
Critical in supporting men’s
hormonal health
Many younger men hypogondal
Safe dose of zinc daily
[for 4 months]:
-2 doses of 220mg
[equivalent: 50mg elemental zinc] “Shown to improve testosterone
levels in men”

Low T often gets prescribed
TRT [testosterone replacement
therapy] -problem: TRT suppresses
pituitary-adrenal-gonad access
“Zinc improves the form &
functionality of sperm;
and the functionality &
biosynthesis of testosterone”

When minerals are deficient,
body’s enzymatic reactions suffer
Important to eat whole foods
-avoid phytates [antioxidants
found in legumes, grains…] that bind up these minerals
If you exercise; use sauna
-sweating releases zinc, sodium…
If you have low testosterone
“supplement with 50 to 100mg
elemental zinc”

For most people: 20 to 30mg
[elemental] zinc per day…
IF have low-T; use sauna; exercise
take more zinc
“I personally, if using sauna, will
take 50mg that night”


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