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MIKE MUTZEL 2 | WEIGHTLIFTING is critical to PREVENT cardiovascular disease and ED!
presents episode 722 | Mike Mutzel
Myoxcience podcast

Fat is an endocrine organ releasing
pro-inflammatory adipocytokines that:
-excessive fat increases risk of heart disease
How does increase in muscle strength
-through resistance training, or
-increase in protein
protect the heart?

Muscle tissue is also an endocrine organ…
-releasing myokines
[support metabolic function of cardic myocytes,
-heart muscles] -that also support vascular endothelium
[interior lining of the blood vessels] Endothelium can become dysfunctional in
-cardiovascular disease
-erectile dysfunction
“Weightlifting can help support the endothelium”
-myokines can reverse heart disease damage

“Excessive aerobic or cardio training…
-are a source of sympathetic nervous
system stress, that
-is linked with cardiovascular disease”

Both studies make the point:
-greater risk of heart attack in
-compared to gaining fat
Hazard ratio of 3.7 for muscle loss
hazard ratio of 2 for gain in fat mass
“We need to resistance train.
Need to prevent age-related muscle loss

Fat mass gain is also linked to
muscle loss…
Osteosarcopenic obesity
-people gain visceral fat
“Need metabolic stability.
Reduce glycemic variability
[risks both fat gain & muscle loss]


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