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MIKE MUTZEL 2 | Told ‘SUN IS CANCER!’ douse kids in sunblock hide in shade disrupt hormone cycles
presents episode 535 | Mike Mutzel
High Intensity Health podcast

Study: 9 men and 10 women, between 18 and 55 years…
-avoided sun for 2 days before study
-intervention: 25 minutes in direct sunlight, mid-day
-blood samples collected same time of day, before and during study
Results: sunlight exposure: significant upregulation of
above hormones

Results continued: some are hyper-responders…
-if you have more melanin (darker skin),
may need 35 minutes or more
-skin tone affects this skin-brain-gonad axis
-same with vitamin D3…darker skin requires more sun exposure

CRH: corticotropin-releasing hormone
HPA axis: hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
HPG axis: hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis
p53: tumor-suppressor gene

Mike Mutzel: What do we do to our skin?
-skincare products that have parabens (preservatives)
-artificial scents & fragrances (estrogenics)
-pollutants that alter hormone levels
-suppress UVB radiation with sunscreen, cover up skin, stay in shade

“We are taught that sun is bad…’if in sun, get cancer’
We douse our kids in sunblock
We have kids starting menses at 9 years old!
We are negatively augmenting nature’s cycles,
-ebbs & flows of hormones
Example: men’s testosterone peaks in July…but much lower in the West

Should be natural dinural rythym with testosterone: skin is vital
“Get at least 25 minutes of mid-day sun before putting on sunscreen”


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