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presents episode 492 | Mike Mutzel
High Intensity Health podcast

Fasting doesn’t prevent the loss of
-muscle fibers, in fact…
-prolonged fasting accelerates
muscle loss
So many benefits:
~linked to resistance training…
-improved lean mass to fat mass ratio
-especially important as we age

Muscle-quality index…linked to
-prevention of age-related disease
-mild cognitive impairment
-dementia; Alzheimers
-heart disease; cancer
Low muscle quality due to over
fasting and no exercise…
As we age, must prioritize exercise, balance, movement, and
-muscle quality

Muscle-quality index
-when you don’t exercise and you
are insulin resistant
-muscle gets infiltrated by fat
-decreases the quality of muscle

Prolonged fasting…
-anything longer than 18-20 hours
“Most people, if exercising, I don’t
know that you need to fast more
than 16 hours a day”
-will compromise some of the
benefits you could be getting from that exercise
“So many are concerned about ‘Is this breaking my fast?’ by
taking collagen or caffeine…but if you are exercising it is
-increasing all of these things that are benefited by fasting
“Exercising is the Best Fasting Enhancer”

“I’m not worried about these things
breaking my fast because I am
walking, hiking, climbing, biking”
Prolonged fast (18+ hours)
-deplete muscle and liver glycogen
-start dropping blood glucose
-early on, a little catabolism of skeletal muscle
Some combination of resistance training PAIRED with
-time restricted eating
~is best of both worlds

“Generally, people feel more vibrant
when they are eating food…
Will this shorten lifespan by
increasing weight lifting and getting
progress in the gym?”
-getting stronger as you age
~instead of getting weaker?
“I noticed that as excited as I had gotten about
autophagy and mTOR inhibition…it came at a cost:
I was not getting stronger with age”

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