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MIKE MUTZEL 1 | TOOL NEEDED BY ALL men and women 40+…donate blood to improve health
presents episode 763| Mike Mutzel
Highintensityhealth podcast

Iron can catalyze and cause
oxidation of low density lipoproteins
[LDL] within the atherosclerotic
-Excess iron drives cardiovascular
-narrowing of the arteries
Tool to fight this, shown to reduce
-cardiovascular disease
“And reducing fatty liver disease:
Tool? Donate blood

Iron depletion, via phlebotomy,
improves insulin resistance
-insulin spikes cause changes in
iron metabolism and absorption
Paper: those with non-alcoholic
fatty liver disease:
-donating blood SIGNIFICANTLY
improved their blood sugar

“When was last time doctor
told obese, insulin resistant, or
diabetic patient to donate blood?”
No, they say “take this pill”
Excess iron gets stored in
“I donated blood yesterday.
I do so every 6 months”

-should be checked if male or if
female after menopause
[begin accumulating iron in blood] Senescent blood cells provide
iron to body
-process impacted by hormones
-iron in blood not just by intake
-90% of iron need met via
red blood cell break down


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