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MIKE MUTZEL 1 | NO PROLONGED FASTS…focus on finish eating earlier & having an effective workout
presents episode 491 | Mike Mutzel
High Intensity Health podcast

Fasting, whether…
-alternate day;
-intermittent (time restricted)
Enhances autophagy-
-preventing protein aggregates
-decrease blood sugar
-improve insulin sensitivity
-decrease fat infiltration in the liver
-potentially reduce cancer risk by decreasing mTOR

Fasting: in context…
Who is it for?
Those who are
-insulin resistant
-don’t exercise regularly
Why is fasting good for this situation?
-not adding movement into lifestyle to improve blood sugar health
But, if trying to exercise, build muscle mass, fasting may not be
-best solution (will share modified fast for exercising)

“You want to get the benefits from
physical activity…but if you are
doing exercise AND fasting all the
time: one of those things will not
supported most beneficially”
If exercising, getting into a
-state of oxygen debt
-fasting is not going to help you have a good workout
“Most people have a better workout when not fasting
-have had Robert Sikes (world class body builder) &
-Dr David Jockers (Chiropractor, owner Exodus Health Center)
-both exercise fasted

“But most people, when fasted,
won’t have the best exercise
For longevity,
-supporting lean muscle mass
-preventing age-related muscle loss
-improving blood sugar health
“You should prioritize your exercise sessions…
-and worry about fasting later”

Have had clients switch this up…
-getting better results
“Hard after promoting intermittent
fasting for years…”
-would be dogmatic to promote
same old things without tinkering
and testing different things
-prolonged fasts, severely restricted eating window, while can be
beneficial for sedentary, obese, those unable to exercise…
-most benefit from time-restricted eating, finishing earlier in day
-focusing more on having good exercise sessions

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