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MIKE MUTZEL 1 | MIDDAY SUNLIGHT: 25 minutes full exposure increases testosterone, estrogen, AMH
presents episode 534 | Mike Mutzel
High Intensity Health podcast

Study 2021…
-24 week mice model
What are the biological
reasons sun can improve
hormone levels in mammals,?
Does this apply to humans?
Findings: 25 minutes of full sun exposure during middle of day:
-significantly increases testosterone in men
-significantly increases favorable hormones in women
(estrogen, progesterone, anti-müllarian hormone AMH)
-AMH declines as women get closer to menopause

Fertility rates are down in recent years…
-conception rates & testoserone levels are
also down
-menopause occurring earlier than before
These scientists say perhaps due to
-we are not getting full body sun exposure
-relying on artificial light
~the skin to brain to gonad axis is dysfunctional

Question: how does UVB radiation affect
hormone levels in animals?
Sunlight wavelengths affect keratinocytes &
the P53 enzyme:
-increased testosterone levels, and
-assertive behavior in both men and women
However, participants were not blindfolded, so
-not sure if it is the skin or the eyes that are most affected
Mike Mutzel: “I mention this because so many wear sunglasses”
-if hormone levels are not good…get sun exposure, including eyes
-this effect could be via brain neurons sensing sunlight in the eyes

In both mice and humans…
-when females are exposed to UVB, they release more pheromone
~causing males to be more attracted


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