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MICHAEL HORLICK 5 | Study 6 years VITAMIN D …50k IU every 2 weeks. Result: 100 nmol/L, NO TOXICITY
presents episode 836 | Dr Michael Horlick
Biogena podcast

Pediatrics [vitamin D less than 30ng/ml
-6 to 11 yrs: 70% deficient
-1 to 5 yrs: 50%
Europe: 57 – 64% D deficient
-often diagnosed: fibromyalgia
“Most of my patients are
vitamin D deficient”
-most, when treated with D,
have dramatic improvement

Mayo Clinic report
-150 children & adults
with bone & muscle pain
-93% vitamin D deficient

Skeletal muscle has
vitamin D receptor…
nursing home patients
-800 IU vitamin D:
72% less falls
-up to 600 IU no benefit!

Minimum 25 OHD:
-30 ng/mL [75nmol/L] for
-lower extremity
-lower fall risk
-improve bone density
-less fracture risk

Increase vitamin D?
-multi-vitamins [400 IU] -if take many, too much A
“In US, 50k IU a week
for 8 weeks”
-about 6500 IU a day
Some doctors give 1000
a day…but still deficient
50k IU every 2 weeks
ongoing into future

Study 2009
-6 years
-50k IU every 2 weeks
[3000 IU a day equivalent] Results:
avg: 100 nmol/L


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