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presents episode 835 | Dr Michael Horlick
Biogena podcast

Food does not contain enough
vitamin D, even in the US, to
meet our needs…
Good sources of vitamin D
-sun dried mushrooms
-cod liver oil [tablets oil emulsion] -oily fish — wild caught ONLY
[salmon, mackerel, herring
[only 500-1000 IU in serving] “Wild caught salmon has plenty
of vitamin D”
-360-900 IU in 3.5 ounces

Really, we get natural vitamin D
from sunlight…
Above 32 latitude, cannot make
vitamin D in winter months
In Europe: above 48 N cannot
make vitamin D Oct to Mar
Non-winter: from 10am to 3pm
make vitamin D
Use sunscreen?
-reduces exposure 98%

90 – 95% of vitamin D from sun!
-for 1500-2000 IU need
20% skin surface
-15 minutes [NIH study] -2 to 3 times per week
Aging effects?
-15 to 30 minutes significantly
raised blood levels of D

-higher BMI, lower 25OHD3
-research: BMI over 30, only get
45% benefit of vitamin D
“Obese need to take 2 to 3 times
more vitamin D than typical”
Skin pigment?
Pelé needs 4 to 10 times longer


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