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MICHAEL HORLICK 2 | Kids: low vitamin D: CAVITIES #1 childhood disease!
presents episode 834 | Dr Michael Horlick
Biogena podcast

Vitamin D critical for muscle
-critical for birthing action
Study: 200 women
Q: vitamin D deficiency & need
for C-section birth
Probability decreased by 400%
when vitamin D SUFFICIENT
“All women need 2000 IU a day
when pregnant, prenatal pills,
and sensible sun exposure”

Lactating mother vitamin D?
to meet their and milk needs:
-4k to 6k IU a day
All infants from birth:
-400 IU a day
[especially breast-fed infants] Canada recommends:
-infants up to 800 IU a day
-pregnant & lactating women: 2k

Case: 25 yr old female…
-poor dentation
-dental caries
-delayed tooth eruption
“Dental caries is the most
common childhood disease”
Inverse relationship between
mother’s 25OHD3 & tooth decay

-higher vitamin D status:
-lower risk of periodontal disease

-nonviable offspring
-no komodo dragons in US zoos
First pair: mated, nonviable kids
Research: caged in glass
-no vitamin D from sun thru glass
So, gave vitamin D: all eggs hatched!
“Vitamin D deficiency:
-low birth weight
-poor birth outcomes


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