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presents episode 833 | Dr Michael Horlick
Biogena podcast

Patients, more & more, asking for
vitamin d levels test…
Assay for 25HD3 is now most
ordered test in USA
Sunlight exposure is precursor to
cholesterol in skin
-absorbs UV light
-makes vitamin D
Sunlight cannot make too much
vitamin D…destroys excess

Vitamin D from sunlight on skin
lasts 2 to 3 times longer than
from supplements…
Due to research showing sunlight
reduces rickets, US government
recommended sunlight for kids
But, today, dermatologists say no

1950s, due to a few cases of
children having problems,
EU banned vitamin D in foods…
-now believed that these kids
had rare genetic disorder
-hypersensitive to vitamin D
-still banned in EU & most others

-first lowland gorilla born in
captivity in Boston
Doctor gave 400 IU D3, no good
Dr Horlick checked
-D3 deficiency symptoms
Gave 5000 IU D3 a day
Got better, but due to low D3 at
birth and early:
-permanently stunted
“WW 50% children born deficient!”

Rickets STILL COMMON today…
-human breast milk will not
give adequate vitamin D
“25 IU per liter vitamin D
in breast milk”
If rely solely on breast milk,
infant will be vitamin D deficient

Study at Boston hospital, 40
mother/infant pairs…
-monitored multivitamin & milk
-taking 600 IU vitamin D daily
[recommended by Inst of Med] RESULTS
76% moms & 81% new borns:
-preeclampsia is associated with
vitamin D deficiency!


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