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METABOLICALLY ADDICTED TO SUGAR?Part 1: no snacking & 60g max carbs a day
presents episode 228:

Dr Cate Shanahan
Dr Shawn Baker

Revero (MeatRX) podcast
October 20, 2020

My job: help make it easier for people to eat healthier…
-here is the first step

“People who were like, ‘you take my soda away’ and…
I can see the daggers from their eyes!”

A year later, same person:
“I just decided it wasn’t worth it!
I don’t want to feel that way”

When you start to get that metabolic sugar addiction cured…

Open your eyes to this whole other world,
-gives you a whole new relationship with food
-get to the point where:
“I don’t even want it anymore!”

Knowing the path and walking it are two different things…

If you are metabolically addicted to certain foods:
-you cannot stay on that path, so:
-have to cure that addiction

There is a science to it
-I love putting that into practice

We get it to the point where their body trusts fat…
-start day with high fat meal
-that is where sugar is most addicting, most damaging

The antidote is fat early in the day

What I have every day is:
-cream, milk, a little coffee
-4-500 calories
-cream is raw & so delicious!
-lots of flavors

Mostly fat for breakfast

For someone who is a type 2 diabetic…

Might need a tiny amount of slow-digesting carbs:
-Ezekiel bread
~sprouted grain
~digestive system breaks them down
differently than typical flour
~much lower sugar spike

This gives them small amount of sugar for those:
-sugar receptors are so upregulated, then need a little sugar
-if not, they will make it from protein
-total 60g carbs maximum per day

For someone who is a type 2 diabetic…

Don’t snack

Focus on building 3 healthy meals

If treat needed: later in the day

For someone who is a type 2 diabetic…

Part One:

-no snacking
-60g maximum carbs