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Menno Henselmans & Judy Cho: NO SINGLE ISOCALORIC STUDY found that carbs before workout is superior
presents episode 311: Menno Henselmans
with Judy Cho

Menno Henselmans
-German fitness model & coach
-authored scientific exercise guides
-graduated with distinction with BS & MS degrees
-coached bodybuilding for many years

Question from Judy Cho to Menno Henselmans…
-Carbs helpful as pre-workout meal?
-recent studies: modified gels given, one is placebo
-performance increased similarly to an actual breakfast
-people who eat nothing, have worse performance
~perhaps due to hunger

It is important to eat protein prior to your workout…
-eating something compared to nothing improves performance
-isocaloric studies (controlling for energy in the diet)

“in our systematic review, did not find a single isocaloric
study in which higher carbs led to higher performance…
NONE, not a single one”

People believe you must have carbs before a workout…
-perhaps it helps when fasting
-perhaps there is a strong psychological effect
-it is definitely a dogma,
~but data do not substantiate it


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