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McGuff 5: TREADMILL at low intensity daily for 6-12 months…lose 5 pounds of MUSCLE
presents episode 314: Doug McGuff MD
& John Little…Body by Science book

Question: the treadmill says you have burned 300 calories…
-What does that really mean?
Answer: the 300 calories INCLUDE your basal metabolic rate
-for 185 pound man: one hour basal metabolic is about 88.
~so, the treadmill burned 222 calories

Most people accept the exercise equipment readings…
-if they eat dessert, they then can go to gym and burn it off
-this won’t work…
-if appetite is not increased by treadmill
-takes 15 days to burn 3500 calories (1 pound body fat)

But, there is a huge variable involved…
-requires low-intensity, steady-state exercise
-this does not place high-intensity demand on muscles
-so, use only small percentage of weakest, slow-twitch fibers
-your body adapts by losing muscle mass
-since only small percentage is required,
body perceives rest of muscle is not needed
-if continued, daily for 6 to 12 months:
~could lose 5 pounds of muscle



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