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presents episode 310: Doug McGuff
From his book:
Body by Science

Physician friend had emphysema…
-brought to my ER
-had respiratory failure
-did not want ventilator

“if no ventilator, you will die”

“if you can get through this one…
have many more years of life”

He agreed…
-but was on ventilator for 2 weeks
-was then wheelchair bound
-he could walk short distances inside his house
-and get the mail, but
-he was in bad shape and getting worse

Out of the blue, he came to Dr McGuff’s workout facility…
-put onto the ‘big 3’ routine:
~pull down (row), chest press, leg press

With his increasing muscle strength…
-his respiratory support needs
began to fall because:
~he was stronger

He worked out once a week and we continued…
-until he doubled in strength
-before, he would be exhausted, but, now
-he only needed to recruit half the amount of motor units
to perform a given exercise

Consequently, his heart & lungs now…
-only had to support half of the motor units than before
-so, much less work for his respiratory system

Rather than dying that night in the ER…
-my colleague lived another 6 years
-fully functional & ambulatory
-never requiring a wheelchair again

He took two world cruises with his wife…
-but no wheelchair
-seeing all the sights along with everyone else

“He had not died simply because he was now stronger”

Muscle is the body’s richest source of mitochondria…
-the oxygen producing component of all cellular tissue
-where you have the greatest opportunity for
-metabolic adaptation
-and more of it is produced by increasing muscle mass, by
-proper strength training

–Doug McGuff, MD



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