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McGuff 3: SIGNS OF OVERTRAINING…Can’t grind out the final rep; Foul mood & can’t sleep
presents episode 308: Doug McGuff
with Wild Warrior Nutrition podcast

What is best training frequency for beginners…
-in high intensity weight lifting?
~depends on recovery capability
~the needle is moving because, as you progress
~you bring more metabolic devastation to the system

In the beginning, when someone is not that strong…
-can train twice a week quite easily
-until they bump up against a plateau, then
-add spacing, for example:
~instead of Monday, Thursday, try:
~Monday; Friday, Wednesday
-until, after another plateau,
~once a week

When you become quite strong, and very adept at…
-emptying the tank
-that can affect the recovery

It is like a venn diagram (volume, frequency, & recovery)

Once adept at how your workout to workout progress feels,
-you can tell when that goes away &
-how to adjust training frequency

When my ER work schedule gets hectic…
-affecting my recovery
-I do one body part, every three days
-each individual workout is not digging as big a hole
~so recovery is faster
~can hammer each body part a little harder…
~than whole body workout

Question: How to tell if you are overtraining?
-it is not an event, it is a process
-if from one workout you come back too soon (overtrain)
~may not be readily evident for several workouts
-if you continue overtraining, you will get symptoms

Symptoms of overtraining…
-normally, when fatigued, it feels “grindy”
~the rep speed begins to bog down
~example: when doing 5-5 (5 seconds push; 5 seconds return)
~final reps are 7 seconds, then 9 seconds…
~last rep is 12 seconds, then fail (that is typical)

When overtrained…
-no grindiness
-simply run into a brick wall!
~overtraining symptom!

Symptoms of overtraining…
-secondly: you begin to feel like crap
-moody, don’t feel upbeat
-tired & grumpy
-become “hangry”
-problems sleeping at night
-feel wired & tired



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