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presents episode 1033 | Mark Rippetoe
Starting Strength podcast

Golfer’s elbow is medial epicondylitis
Tennis elbow is lateral…
-inflammation of tendon insertions of
the forearm flexors
-produced by incorrect grip on squat
[or athletic motion straining these
tendons] Athlete switched to safety bar squats;
-pain went away in a few weeks
-a single, moderate squat session & the
pain came back
-the tendonitis did not go away

Tendinopathy does not go away with
-going to doctor: “my knee tendon hurts”
-won’t ask if you are squatting correctly
-just tell you to rest
-so, you rest…
-after a few years, start again
-Pain is back!
tendinopathies do not heal with rest
-tendon has changed for the worse

Must fix the mechanical problem…
-that caused the inflammation
-train through it, make it heal
-train it correctly under a load
-so it can regain normal morphology
For golfer’s & tennis elbow:
20 sets slow chin-ups: 2 to 3 reps
-will hurt like Hell at first
4 to 5 workouts, then it goes away
-causes temp increase in inflammation
-makes tendon heal itself


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