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LowCarbDownUnder 2023 Conference a | Matt’s bipolar journey; part 1
presents episode 1126
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Jan Ellison Baszuki, Low Carb Down Under case study, son Matt…
-started Mar 13, 2016, text from son, UC Berkeley…
“text coming straight from my body”
-started journey thru America’s mental
health madness
-no help from community due to being
bipolar diagnosis
-Matt spent 10 days in Stanford clinic
given anti-psychotic drug;
diagnosed as bipolar 1
-had manic episode, told it was one time

Matt was tapered off drug and returned to Berkeley in fall…
-mid fall, another episode, stayed in El Camino Hospital,
-released, lots of problems, cigarettes, etc.
-cycled in & out of hospital
-started series of residential programs
-get better, relapse, get better…
Once, flushed his meds down toilet on bus,
posted to Snapchat
-One time, gone for awhile, alone, lost
20 pounds, had given all stuff away
except laptop–turned out to be blessing,
-when on meds again, decided to never get that bad again..

This was 4 years ago, he began doing everything he should:
He got better, but not well, he
-meditated daily, new Stanford doctor
-quit smoking & drinking
-exercised daily
-fixed sleep; wore blue blocker glasses

[continued in part 2]


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