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LISA WIEDEMAN | Chris Knobbe: AMD skyrocketing Why? processed foods
presents episode 942 | Dr Lisa Wiedeman
Carnivore Doctor podcast with Dr Chris Knobbe

Dr Chris Knobbe…
-first case of macular
degeneration published 1874
-1851 to 1930 only 50 cases
in world
-by 2020 196 MILLION cases
-expected: 2040: 288 million!
[AMD: age-related macular
degeneration] Leading Cause of BLINDNESS
over age 50

Dr Lisa Wiedeman, host:
-central vision is macula
-when disrupted, get blurred
-20/20 vision is at macula
so all around is not clear
Consider: grandparent
“I just want to look at my
grandchild’s face”
-it becomes debilitating as
it progresses

Dr Knobbe:
“Breaks my heart that many of
my patients had this…
-could no longer work
-no longer see grandkids faces
Dr Wiedeman:
-progression can be stopped
“Not happening. Why?
Eye doctors do not know”


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