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LILLIE KANE 5 | Weight loss client: Calorie-restricting: No Variety, fat, sustainable eating: Yes
presents episode 569 | Lillie Kane, certified nutritionist podcast

Clients working on weight loss…
-one key issue with carnivore type eating:
~tend to under eat due to satiating
and nutrient dense foods
-and want to calorie-restrict

One female client, eating keto, lots of variety…
-over 6 month period, she eliminated foods
one by one, until:
“I’m eating only beef; not losing any weight!
-eating 1500 calories; I am 5′ 10” [178 cm] Lillie: “Don’t know where you got idea: beef only…
[those with autoimmune conditions,
it is great to determine cause] “But not necessary to lose weight.
Diet should be enjoyable and sustainable
-most people who start a diet lose weight,
but 85% regain in 3 years

-should up your calories
-up fat intake
-more variety
-client did so and a few weeks later:
“I have lost 10 pounds,
I am eating more food and losing weight”
“This is a pattern I see often: calorie restrict doesn’t work:
-more protein requires higher thermic effect, more food needed
-lower calories tells body to lower metabolism [starvation mode]”
-body holds onto food to keep you alive
-client now losing 1 pound a month; nearing her goal


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