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LILLIE KANE 3 | WILL POWER-NOTHING TO DO WITH FAT LOSS…eat right foods to full satiety every time
presents episode 543 | Jason Wittrock
Lillie Kane podcast

“As soon as I slapped this CBM on and saw
my fluctuations, I thought…the average
American’s must be a disaster!”
-ideally should be like: in ocean with small waves
-no tidal waves crashing the boat over
-most people are in storm with crashing waves

Blood Sugar Diet: 5 rules…
1-eat real food:
~whole foods take longer to break down
2-control carbs (3 types)
~low impact: healthy & don’t spike blood sugar
-nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, berries
~high impact: spike blood sugar, but healthy
-brown rice, banana, sweet potatoes, Ezekiel bread, pineapple
-can do 1 serving a day
“Best time is after workout. If don’t workout, as late in day as possible”
~forbidden carbs: high spike and no nutrition!
-sugary, highly processed, packaged ‘foods’

Blood Sugar Diet: 5 rules…
3-eat high-fat protein
(NOT high protein low-fat!!!)
~lean meat spikes blood sugar more than
fatty meat
-wild animals eat fatty meat first; leave
lean parts for scavengers
~eat whole egg, not just the white; salmon, not tilapia
~eat real bacon, not turkey bacon;
ground beef, not ground turkey

Blood Sugar Diet: 5 rules…
4-eat more healthy fats
~does not spike blood sugar
-adding fat to protein dampens down
the blood sugar spike
5-don’t count calories
~you want to be a lion in the wild, not cage!
“Guru says: Be in 500 calorie deficit each day…
Then: ‘eat 1500 calories every day…
…but calories out changes dramatically every day!”
-body doesn’t work like that at all!

Calorie-Counting has crushed more dreams
than anything else!
-you are not fat because you ate too much
and worked out less…
-you are fat because you ate the wrong foods
“And fortunately for you, you can do
something about it.
You don’t have to starve yourself!”
Will power has nothing to do with it

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