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LILLIE KANE 3 | Considering the amount of vegetables needed to get nutrition: rip-off: just eat meat
presents episode 567 | Lillie Kane, certified nutritionist podcast

“I posted my first video (Lillie Kane Youtube)…
-what I eat in a day
-it was the Ken Berry 6 foods”
Got questions: blueberries? seasonings?
“I interviewed Dr Shawn Baker on my channel,
He said, ‘I’ll have a piece of fruit; I’ll have cake
on my kid’s birthday'”
If metabolically healthy, as Mary Ruddick said,
“Carnivore, or something like it, gets you metabolically healthy
then can start adding things in…and know the effect”
-like weightlifting, after awhile, you know effect of certain moves

A typical day’s eating now…
-used to do 2 meals a day
-intermittent fasting with carnivore
Now do 2.5 meals a day because,
-when just 2 meals a day
-because it was so satiating
-I was in calorie deficit!
“Someone posted: you are starving yourself with only 1200 calories”
-did not know how far off from minimum calories a day?
-5′ 2″, I have concluded there is no max;
-as long as you are moving enough, eat as much as can;
-will get a better metabolism

A typical day’s eating now…
-raw milk, raw kefir, raw yogurt
-occasionally some raw eggs yolks
“I was eating 6 yolks a day, but:
-causing scalp dandruff & inflammation’
-redness & itchiness
Eggs are a superfood! If tolerated, great: nutrition is in yolk”
-people may be allergic to albumin in eggs whites
-a lot of beef, lamb, venison, elk, bison
-beef best availability & price, bacon
-Once a week: chicken; salmon; sardines
-few low inflammatory plants…can’t get fresh here

A typical day’s eating now…
-from own garden, fresh, no pesticides, then
~would eat more vegetables
-grocery store: veggies shipped from
another country, not fresh
“Honestly, consider the vitamins & minerals
getting from quantity of vegetables,
why not have meat and put your money there!”
-vegetables are a rip-off
-piece of fruit for dessert


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