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LILLIE KANE 2 | Beef, bacon, eggs, salmon, sardines…pain gone; skin clear; PCOS gone; cravings gone
presents episode 567 | Lillie Kane, certified nutritionist podcast

Lillie Kane, certified nutrition & health coach…
-after college, went to Maui
-met fiancé, who had been:
~fruitarian; vegan; vegetarian, etc.
“Hard to tell someone, I don’t eat dessert,
don’t drink alcohol, no pasta”
-getting healthier around him…he was getting less healthy
“I came home one day, he looked like ghost,
‘I can’t eat this way, skin & digestive issues'”
-he went back to keto
-gradually, less & less dessert
-watched Ken Berry: bacon, beef, eggs, salmon, sardines, liver

Eating fewer plants…
-less inflammation
-knee pain (from 8 years hurtling) gone
-skin cleared up
-no PCOS, no depression, no meds
-more vibrant, more energy better sleep

Question: What was your motivation to
eat less plant foods?
“What is in these foods?
How are they affecting my brain chemistry?
Altering my moods? Giving me less energy?
Giving me highs and lows?
Missed cycles & urinary tract infections?
Reproductive area complications?”
-he continued to do it; it was easy to do it too
“I really liked the food & lifestyle. Never missed having a donut
Like telling myself, ‘can have anything you want, but worth it?'”


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