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LILLIE KANE 2 | 80% Pre-diabetic DON’T KNOW- because they spike blood sugar all day, year after year
presents episode 542 | Jason Wittrock
Lillie Kane podcast

I don’t do portion control…
-don’t count calories nor track macros
-when you balance blood sugar & insulin
“You can be a lion in the wild, not in a cage”
-you can listen to your body
“As long as I keep blood sugar balanced, I
can trust my hunger cues”
-if on a blood sugar roller coaster, that goes out the window
-as soon as you hit the down…you are hungry again,
like an addiction

If I train legs today, I may eat 4 or 5 meals…
-if don’t train, may eat only one
“My goal is to keep blood sugar as low
as possible first thing in the morning…
so, I eat egg yolks but not the whites”
-keto works because it balances blood sugar
-when you spike blood sugar, pancreas must
secrete insulin, which then stores sugar in muscle or fat cells…
-if muscle cells are full, it goes into fat cells
-intermittent fasting works because it controls blood sugar
-so, first thing in morning, to not spike blood sugar: don’t eat

Fasting doesn’t work because you are eating
less calories…but because you are keeping
your blood sugar low
-carnivore works the same way
-high fat protein does nothing to blood sugar
“I just tested a steak with my CGM, no spike!”
With my CGM:
-did black coffee: nothing to blood sugar

Anytime you spike blood sugar like that…
-high insulin prevents you from burning fat!
-these are 2 hour windows
-takes 2 hours for blood sugar to come down
-if insulin resistance, will take 4 hours
-one out of three people in US: pre-diabetic
-80% of them don’t have a clue!
-not because they ate too much and did not work out….
“Because they spike blood sugar multiple times a day,
year after year
-abuse their pancreas, and it is just about to quit”

“I get a lot of hate mail from doing my
videos on this…
-by calorie-counting nutritionists who want
to just starve their clients out…
-our country is screwed…
-kids are obese!

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