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Kevin’s story: a1c dropped from 12.5 to 7 in 2 weeks
presents episode 323: Rich Hart
owner: Elevate Utah, gym, Orem
with Dr Steve Berry, both:

Interview: Carlie Wendel, head nutrition coach, Elevate Utah…
-with Kevin
-10 years ago, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
-for 10 years, on high doses of daily insulin injections
-tried exercising, tried different foods
“If you want pizza, eat it, but take more insulin”
-never felt better

-blood sugar was okay…
-but eventually became more & more insulin resistant
-went to doctor: hemoglobin a1c was 12.5!
“if you don’t change your life, something bad will happen”


Why would the doctor not check for insulin resistance
Even though Kevin’s blood glucose was normal,
his insulin had to be spiking continuously to keep it that way!


-friend introduced Kevin to Rich Hart, ElevateUtah
-put off calling, worried what it would require
-not worried about weight loss, but
“my blood sugar was killing me”

-came to the gym just before Halloween
-within 2 weeks, I noticed I had low blood sugar
-had to adjust insulin dose
-in 2 months saw doctor again: a1c dropped to 7

-for me it has been life changing:
-sleep better
-more energy
-weight loss
-off blood pressure meds

-eye opening to me:
I can still eat when I am hungry & become healthier
-insulin injections? ZERO

-I have a new menu that I follow
-it has been a life style change that is healthy


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