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Blood lipid hypothesis, that
cholesterol causes heart disease
began 1889…
-cholesterol in blood of those
with heart disease was high
-whole families found with same
Cholesterol in blood can leak into
vessel wall; create thrombosis
Dr Fredricksen found that blood
samples looked different
-lipids found in various areas

This demonstrated that:
more than just cholesterol &
triglycerides in blood was active..
1948 ultracentrifugation
-separated types of lipoproteins:
-light, heavier, very dense
[ultra low-density lipoproteins] -are huge
HDL & LDL: small

Liver makes VLDL: full of
triglyceride [transports fat around
body] whether:
-from stored body fat or
-made from sugar
Triglyceride in tissue to be burned
changes to IDL [heavier] -IDL can return to liver using
Apo-E receptor
becomes LDL particle
[should go back to liver]

Healthy LDL is simply part of the
transport system…
“People on high-fat diets, pushing
lots of energy, not surprising that
LDL is high…just more traffic”


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