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KEN SIKARIS 5 | TRIGLYCERIDE LEVEL Varies often…so: total cholesterol/HDL is best metric of risk
presents episode 880 | Dr Ken Sikaris
Low carb down under podcast

LDL? doesn’t matter if high or
low…what matters:
if small, dense in highest
quartile, heart risk is high
-high small, dense LDL: high risk
-high buoyant LDL: low risk
Predictor of risk?
-high TG above 1.5 [133 mg/dL] “Get below 1 to be safe”

Predictor of small, dense LDL:
-TG? better
-TG/HDL? still better
-Total Cholesterol/HDL: best
Has been shown to work,
but not understood by
cardiologist associations

If TG is cause of driving LDL
to become small, dense,
WHY doesn’t tg/ldl predict
Because TG differs too much
from day to day!
could be .5 one day, 1.5 next
HDL, changes with TG, but does
not jump around…so, reciprocal
of HDL works best in ratio

How to reduce small, dense LDL?
-low carb eating
It lowers TG level
12 week low carb:
-7.5 kg weight loss
-visceral fat 20% loss
-cholesterol 8% loss
-LDL 9% loss
-TG 39% loss
-small, dense LDL 30% loss


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