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KEN BERRY & SARAH ZALDIVAR 3 | Our ancestors ate tons of seafood…great, along with eggs & dairy
presents episode 572 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist
Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

Question: Where do you get your DHA?
-cod liver; sardines with bones in & skin on
-pastured egg yolks
My diet:
-morning coffee with pastured butter
-late afternoon first meal:
~2.5 pounds of ground beef & can of cod liver or sardines

-evidence that many ancient tribes,
unable to get megafauna,
ate vast amounts of seafood
Anthropologists found huge mounds of shells:
-people were eating lots of shell fish
Likely some people today would do better with
seafood-based eating
-others would do better with ruminant animal-based diet
“FISH equals MEAT. Anything that swims, creeps,
crawls, flies, runs, slithers is game on a carnivore diet”

Vegetarians, who may not want to eat
ruminant animals, can get all they need from
-variety of seafood
-egg yolks
-butter, ghee, cheese
There are many things we don’t know about
human nutrition…
I love it when someone wants to experiment with food!”
-do a 30 to 90 day trial and find out
“All of us need to find where we fall on the
proper human diet spectrum: carnivore, ketovore, low carb…
-as doctor, my goal for you: optimal health


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