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KEN BERRY | REVERSE type 2 diabetes 5 EASY STEPS
presents episode 1064 | Dr Ken Berry
Ken Berry MD podcast

You can reverse your type two diabetes:
on your own, for free.
If you are currently on medication, first, check with your doctor.

We could call this chronic carbohydrate overdose.
It is not your fault, but it is your problem.

Step one: stop all sugar consumption: that you added, or food company added.
These processed items are not food
they spike blood sugar.

Step two: stop eating all grains, like wheat, corn, oats, rice.
Any grain converse immediately in the sugar, even in your mouth
Step three: remove all vegetable oils, processed, seed oils, from diet,
including: canola, soy bean, sunflower, safflower, peanut, corn.
All are inflammatory. All have high omega6 to 3 ratio, all oxidize rapidly.

Step four: eat lots of fatty meat. Fat and protein do not raise blood sugar or insulin very much.
They contain tons of vitamins and minerals.

Step five: Get your carbs if you want some from above ground, non-starchy vegetables.
Carbohydrates: how much to eat and still reverse type two diabetes.
Some people can eat a total each day of 100 g. Others 50 g, others 20 g.


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