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KEN BERRY Part 2: MORE LIES we are told about type 2 diabetes
presents episode 325: Dr Ken Berry podcast

Dr Ken Berry, has treated type 2 diabetes for 20 years…
Lie #4
Your metabolism is broken

Your metabolism may be very sick, but it absolutely
You can reverse type 2 diabetes

Lie #5
You must have meds to control your diabetes

You can control blood sugar, insulin & hemoglobin a1c
with diet alone
-even exercise is optional…but is great
-if unable to exercise, can STILL
control blood sugar with diet alone

Lie #6
You deserve to eat whatever you want

There are serious consequences to continue eating in a
sugar/carb addicted fashion

Lie #7
Should eat something every couple of hours

Truth (unless meds require frequent eating)
Every single type 2 diabetic, without exception,
If on glucophage or metformin…
can do time-restricted eating to help
burn body fat


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