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KEN BERRY Part 1: 10 LIES we are told about type 2 diabetes
presents episode 324: Dr Ken Berry podcast

Type 2 diabetics are often told many conflicting things…
-hard to know what the truth is
-can have disastrous health consequences
-if you know about these lies and the truth behind them…
-you can have a normal a1c
-quit being on meds
-not losing bodily functions

Dr Ken Berry, has treated type 2 diabetes for 20 years…
Lie #1
It is progressive & incurable
-you might manage it…but never reverse it

Absolutely reversible with life style
& food choice changes

Lie #2
It is genetic or the cause is unknown

Genetics does play a role–you are predispositioned to have
hyperglycemia & hyperinsulinemia, but
it is chronic carb toxicity that is the
cause…and it can be controlled

Lie #3
It is all about high blood sugar (hyperglycemia),
which simply requires taking meds

High blood sugar is an important
indicator, but…more importantly:
hyperinsulinemia is doing damage!
So, your diet must become the focus


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