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KEN BERRY | MEDICAL GASLIGHTING…millions happens daily, worldwide D R A M A
presents episode 531 | Dr Ken Berry
KenDBerryMD podcast

MD: How is it going?
Patient: not well, tired, achy
MD: sore?
P: yeah
MD: this is fibromyalgia,
-so prescription…
P: test?
MD: no, let’s try drug for a month, come back and see me
P: labs?
MD: they are all normal

MD: Got your labs back…
your symptoms again?
P: run down, can’t think
MD: how is your energy level?
MD: your mood?
P: not good
MD: you brought up
-Hashimoto’s disease, but your TSH is normal, so thyroid is fine
-this is likely depression or anxiety; so: prescription for drug
P: can we check some other labwork?
MD: I have other patients…
P: what about antibodies?

MD: You’ve lost weight…
P: just as sedentary as always
MD: what have you been doing
P: keto diet
MD: no, don’t do it.
-will kill your kidneys
P: but I feel so good,
-have my energy again
P: did you check my kidneys? my liver?
MD: they are fine, but don’t do that diet
MD: eat a plant-based diet; lots of fruit smoothies

Dr Ken Berry…
-3 episodes of gaslighting
-in hundreds of thousands of
of doctors’ offices
around the world
“These are the signs….
If you have had these things done to you:
-not good medical care
-may have missed a critical medical diagnosis
-may be taking prescription drug that you do not need, or
-has detrimental side effects


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