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KEN BERRY | CLASSIC: INSULIN, LEPTIN, GHRELIN, CORTISOL…optimize to reduce body fat & hunger
presents episode 599 | Dr Ken Berry
DrBerry youtube podcast

Hormones that will help reduce body fat
and minimize hunger…
-main FAT STORAGE hormone
-secreted from pancreas
-in response to elevated blood sugar
-to keep insulin low and fat burning high:
~reduce total carb intake per day
[some are okay at 100g; others at 50g; some need to cut to 20g] -Avoid SUGARS & ANYTHING THAT TURNS INTO SUGAR:
~donut; soda; fruit juice; bread; pasta; rice
-replace with healthy [animal] fats and proteins

Leptin…reduces appetite and makes you
feel full
-to optimize:
~avoid all inflammatory foods
~all of the grains
~industrial seed [vegetable] oils
[soybean; canola; corn; safflower] EAT FATTY FISH [wild caught] -eat fatty animals
-get good quality SLEEEEEP

hunger hormone
-optimize [reduce it] by AVOIDING:
-all sugars [skim milk; tortilla wrap; etc] -all breads [whole wheat same as white] -eat healthy animal proteins & fats

Cortisol…[stress hormone] -does many things for body
-bad when chronically elevated
-when chronically high:
~causes over eating; stress eating;
story body fat
Optimize by
causing high cortisol] -plenty of good quality sleeeeep


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